My Inconsistencies: An End-of-the-Year Exercise for 2016

I am at contradiction.

I was trying to edit and publish my older drafts for a new blog post. I simply found I couldn’t quite relate, or even agree to what I have written.

My perception on the concept has changed. evolved.

I decided to write this.

Gandhi has this to say of his slow, but constant evolution on state of things.

I am not at all concerned with appearing to be consistent. In my pursuit after Truth I have discarded many ideas and learnt many new things. Old as I am in age, I have no feeling that I have ceased to grow inwardly or that my growth will stop with the dissolution of the flesh. What I am concerned with is my readiness to obey the call of Truth, my God, from moment to moment. (H, 29-4-1933, p2)

I have never made a fetish of consistency. I am a votary of Truth and I must say what I feel and think at a given moment on the question, without regard to what I may have said before on it. … As my vision gets clearer, my views must grow clearer with daily practice. Where I have deliberately altered an opinion, the change should be obvious, only, a careful eye would notice a gradual and imperceptible evolution. (H, 28-9-1934, p. 260)

My aim is not to be consistent with my previous statements on a given question, but to be consistent with truth as it may present itself to me at a given moment. The result has been that I have grown from truth to truth. (H, 30-9-1939, p288)

While in South Africa, he was supporter of the British Empire and said the colonial nation to be sincere to its coloniser. By early 1900s, he has replaced this view with what he come to call as ‘Swaraj’.

I’m feel that I’m evolving too.

We think or at least like to think of ourselves as perfect —complete on our own. I guess, we’re not. It is in this becoming we perfect ourselves.

I am changing my stance quite a bit often.

A work in progress.

I’m soon to be 32 years old.
With the vigour of youth slowly dying fading, the wisdom of the old feels more comforting.

Think about that for a moment.
What perception or mindset, you recently changed over the period of one year.
While we are at the cusp of 2017, reminisce over 2016 of what changed within you.

Osho tells us that our being is in our becoming. That:

“Man is not born perfect. He is born incomplete, he is born as a process. He is born on the way, as a pilgrim. That is his agony and his ecstasy, too”

It’s worth an attempt.

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