My Life Purpose

I, Sathya,

  1. research, experiment, collate, write and share ‘profound insights’
  2. to the 21st century middle-aged people around the world
  3. on profound insights
    1. on knowledge (head),
    2. tools & techniques (hand) and
    3. inspirations (heart)
  4. for personal optimisation
    1. career/ work/ professional
    2. mental, productivity
    3. physical health
    4. social, relationship, emotional,
    5. spiritual – self-actualization, enlightenment and god realisation (spirituality, philosophy).


I call it Vision2020 (even my email id is: sathyavision2020@gmail.com)

  • Live a naturally-inclined life
  • Live on farm land
  • Live with family
  • Live as a writer, philosopher
  • Impact the world for good
  • Be a better human (it’s a process)

My Big Rocks/ Focus Areas/ Priorities

  • Spirituality
  • Family
  • Writing
  • Work (now in education sector)

Short-term Goals

  • Write and publish 100+ blogs by end of December 2016
  • Save/ contribute Rs.xxxx to family

Inspired by Derek’s http://nownownow.com/about