Why You Should Start Writing, Even If You are Not a Writer

Participants in the ‘Write Around Portland’ sit around in circle with a pen and pad. A facilitator begins the session by offering a couple of prompts. The participants are usually “people living with HIV/AIDS, veterans, survivors of domestic violence, adults and youth in addiction recovery, low income seniors, people in prison, homeless youth and others.” The central idea is using writing for opening up thinking and eventually healing…

I never imagined that writing could be such a liberating experience. I feel connected to my heart. When writing, I seem to have touched the fabric of my soul. I could feel an implosion of emotion, of my entire spirit straight to the centre of its gravity.

I am thinking of the remarkable lives and power of writing. In fact reading my own writing, I come to guess that may be it is my calling to use the power of writing for a greater good. I am not sure how far I will be successful at it. But my recent ventures into writing seem to give me confidence in pursuing it.

I remember reading about Ralph Waldo Emerson’s life story. On how he started to collate the essential thoughts while he let himself write in the early morning hours. He wrote and wrote and kept on writing. The distillations of such writings became his famous ‘Emerson’s Essays’. The best of my favourite quotes are from Emerson.

My earlier writings also seem to have come through me in an astonishing way. I took immense pleasure reading my own writing. In fact I surprised myself on how I was able to create such wonderful piece of art.

What Writing is?

Writing is communicating your thoughts. Like any other skills, it could be learnt and improved. One’s ability to communicate one’s thoughts and ideas in words, can make or break the game.

Writing for healing, Writing for myself!

Writing is a means of psycho-therapy. It brought me sanity. It kept me ticking and alive. And I just write whatever comes to my mind.

Writing for me has been helpful. Recently I have experimenting with the idea of Free Writing. Thanks to Mark Levy for helping me discover it. It is a deceptively simple technique to learn and use. So far I have crossed 46 pages – 101 pages of original content in my Free Writing document.

It is just my thought, poured on to paper. In fact this article is a by-product of my Free Writing in my document.

And now I am going to give it a shot and share the secret I have been leveraging to the you. I am going to give you a case for writing.

Reasons why you could start writing

  • Writing does help. Great personalities write.
  • Writing shows clarity of thinking
  • Bad managers talk, Good manager write
  • Writing is thinking on paper.” ~ William Zinsser
  • Writing helps organize the information received (writing summary, documenting interpretations, meditating on the passage)
  • Writing helps us avoid reading overload or information obesity.
  • Writing gives us some break/ relaxation in thinking
  • Writing can make careers
  • Reading one’s writing helps us discover lot more about personality.

    “I never travel without my diary. One should always have something sensational to read in the train.” ~ Oscar Wilde

  • Emerson – thoughts emerge during writing – letting the sub-conscious mind come through writing
  • Content is currency; writing gives you that content or helps plant and cultivate content
  • Writing can kick start your thought leadership. To be an ideation expert. Why not try coming up 10 different ideas every day as James Altucher suggests.
  • Saving time by not to remember.
  • Write a memoir, autobiographical, historical. For inspiration – Mediation by Marcus Aurelius, Gandhi’s My Experiment with Truth, Anne Frank’s Diary, others. These are all personal musings that later became philosophies, religions, political ideologies and historical documents.

But How to Write?

  • Write simply
  • Break all the grammar rules
  • Write from a personal point of view – first person
  • You can create bullets wherever and whenever you want to
  • Write in plain English – I prefer not using ‘big’ words
  • Litter your article with your personal opinions
  • Feel free to be angry and joyful at the same time
  • Do not write for publishing – write only for yourself
  • Silence the internal editor. The best way to do is to do free writing
  • Time yourself
  • Write what you think
  • Write like you talk
  • Write as if you are writing a personal letter to a friend
  • Write to me; though I receive 100s of emails, I do take time to read and reply to those mails.
  • Share your learning, experience, perspective to your friends, neighbours, audiences
  • Blogging is a good place to start.

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