You Can Conquer The World: One List At A Time

It’s part of my evil plan.

To conquer the world and ultimate world domination.

Doctor Evil

I make lists. Of everything!  

When The Going Gets Tough…

Make a list.

Richard Bronson swears his success by it. Tim, Oliver, James, Ryan make lists. Paula Rizzo calls it – Listful Thinking.

I do too.


So Why Make Lists

So you don’t have to remember to remember them. Duh!

Brain-David Allen

  • Yes. It helps remember
  • Keeps things together. Organized
  • Keep your focus, focused.
  • Helps you be prepared
  • Gives you an orgasm by checking/ crossing items off.

Not-so Obvious Reasons

  1. To Ideate. List making is a creativity booster. Inspired by James, I make a list of 10 ideas every other day.
  2. To create content. This article was a list before.
  3. To conquer any project. Break it down into a list. List of simple, manageable action items.
  4. For Thought Leadership. Mark Levy says it so.
  5. I like making a goals list as well or things I want to be at the end of year, five years, etc.
  6. Oh! And you may want to know why Richard Bronson wants you to make lists.
  7. To start with make a list of lists you want to make.
  8. Get into the habit of it. Carry a notebook. Everywhere.

Remember. Listing is one way of writing. There are 10 different ways

Making A List Is To Get There

It could be a task list, goal list, to-do list, project list, ideas list, or even a not-to-do list. Make a list.

Write it down. Make it happen. Conquer the world. 

Prioritizing, categorizing, scheduling, processing – everything else is secondary.

So list. Period.

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