Rephrasing a to-do list as completed

It is a neat idea. To rephrase a task as completed to help build clarity on what we want to do and achieve.

The traditional method of writing a task is to write as if you are going to do. What I am suggesting is that you re-write it as if you have already completed. For example, instead of writing it as ‘Publish a new blog post’, write ‘A new blog post published; or, write ‘Project Report reviewed’, instead of writing ‘review the Project Report’.


I also take inspiration from the idea of “Law of Attraction” which suggests intentions manifests itself once we align our feeling, thinking and acting – our entire vibration to match what we want to receive. In simple terms, if you want to achieve something, believe as if you already achieved it. The Universe will conspire to make it a reality. Ask and it is given.

So, in the next two minutes, try this simple exercise.

  • Look at your to-do list
  • Turn a fresh page and rephrase each of to-do list as completed
  • Write it down on the new page

Now you already have set yourself to success for the day.

Take the next best action to manifest itself into reality. All the best!

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