Sustainable Productivity: Analogy from Energy Sector

If you’ve been reading my blog, you must now understood that I’m obsessed, or may be simply curious, about the idea of productivity.

I’m inventing a concept here: Sustainable productivity – not in it’s generic definition, but particularly in the field of personal management.

It is something in my mind and that is keeping coming often.

What do I mean by that?

I was listening to the video by Tony Schwartz. He says how the best energy is the renewable energy. That said, I’m going to extend this analogy to the Energy sector. That sustainability is the notion to not be dependent on ‘fossil fuels’.

I believe that the current productivity techniques are like fossil energy – conventional but easily draining. I’m more comfortable as Tony suggests to use renewal source of energy. Or use renewing as a good use of our energy. So take breaks and renew. Unfocus to focus. That said, what is sustainable productivity. It should not burn you – it shouldn’t be un-sustainable – meaning it should have resilience, it should not be given up by a week. It should be an anti-thesis to the statement that says ‘Any productivity system works well. For a week.’ It should have less maintenance. It should aid consistent practice.

So here are my ideas of what a Sustainable Productivity should not be and should be!

It should not be like a conventional energy system.

  • It is dirty. Ugly.
  • It pollutes the environment
  • It is not infinite. That is the coal or anything else is finite and scarce resources. It’ll soon dry up
  • It involves centralised planning. Only government can do it. Naturally it is expensive and costly (building a thermal power plant or hydro power plant)
  • It cannot be decentralised.

Sustainable Energy source is better. Why?

  • it is cheap to set up. Requires minimum space, time and money
  • Even a small normal person can set it up – without grandiose investment – like solar energy, gobar gas set up
  • it is renewable. Meaning it can be dependent on energy which is infinite or recyclable – like sun, wind, gobar
  • It is not chemical, but biological.
  • it is 100% harmless for the environment. Unlike the petrol, coal-based systems – extraction, refining, transportation and usage – causes pollution. But this one nothing. May be except having the ‘lithium-ion batteries’
  • Though it is not ‘powerful’ as it the conventional source of energy, it has consistency. Difference between ‘power’ and ‘energy’.
  • Low maintenance cost. There is literally zero operational cost in ‘producing’ energy out of this systems, except the initial investment cost. Once set up, it simply produces energy free of cost, work.

If you know a method that is ‘sustainable’, do share.

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