Personal Dairy Writing for Busy People

This post originally appeared on Quora as an answer I wrote for the question, ‘How do I write an easy daily personal dairy even in our busy schedules? How and why to make it a daily habit?.  “Dated 26/06/2017: Today was a good day.” It is good start to get the habit of daily journaling. […]

Positive Distraction

I have a 9-month old girl. If you were a parent, you would know how difficult it is to keep a child engaged and entertained. Recently, I had a long weekend holiday.  And I had more than my fair share of time to spend with my little girl. It must’ve been a relief to my […]

Implementation Intention: An Easier Way to Tackle Obstacles

There could be two ways to do it – a task, a project, a goal. One way is to take the Stoic, hard-knuckled approach – hard skinning oneself, to cultivate the capacity to withheld oneself in any weather is one way. However there is another way . The idea is to trick our mind to […]