I Got 890+ ideas Using This Trick. And You Too Can!

No, I’m not an idea machine. Neither am I a creative genius. I did amaze myself when I did a count of ideas I have. 890 on 89 different topics, including this article. 10 Ideas Everyday and A Humble Beginning I learnt about this neat trick from Chris Winfield on ‘How (and Why) to Generate […]

What James Altucher Did To Me? 10 Reasons Why I Like Him

I have been following him for quite sometimes. His wittiness and down-to-earth style of writing – I liked it. I made a visual note of his advice (if ‘autobiography is the best advice’). Started imitating his writing style. I re-searched ‘What is it about James Altucher’s writing that makes it so divisive?‘. I didn’t find […]

Counting My Blessings: 10 things I am Grateful for in the Year 2015

It’s the last day of the year. And I am getting my 50th post out! Hurray! That makes me ponder upon things. Things that I have been blessed with. Things I might have taken for granted but should be appreciative of. And so here is list of things I am grateful for.

To Stay or Not to Stay? 11 Factors to Consider to Find ‘Your’ Right Job

“You are not your job.” ― Chuck Palahniuk, Fight Club That said, fortunately or unfortunately we are in jobs – both as source of financial remuneration and to satisfy our ‘contributionary’ value for the society. However most of us not so happy with their jobs.