Life is Full of Unexpected Surprises

I was searching for an inspiration. An inspiration to make a list. As you must already know, I am obsessed with list making. So when I don’t come up with an idea to make a list, I become anxious. But I got help. When I googled for ‘list making ideas’, I got this. List Love: 101 […]

You Can Conquer The World: One List At A Time

It’s part of my evil plan. To conquer the world and ultimate world domination. I make lists. Of everything!   When The Going Gets Tough… Make a list. Richard Bronson swears his success by it. Tim, Oliver, James, Ryan make lists. Paula Rizzo calls it – Listful Thinking. I do too.   So Why Make […]

Make Lists. Not War

There was an interesting question on ‘Quora’ – “How can I change my life in 30 days?” You can read my answer at here. My Answer: Make Lists 🙂 List of things you need to do List of things you are currently struggling with List your problems and frustrations List things you want to do […]

How to think like a Genius? 5 Thinking Tools

I have been in this purposeful journey to perfect myself. Being efficient and effective with what I have been doing; doing things better than what is being done now. However it is hard to get away without having an organized thinking models to help you navigate through it. I have been experimenting with quite a bit […]