Great Posts from Mark Forster-Round 1

I like his genius, his simplicity and direct message. I’ve made an effort to read and cull-out as much of lessons from Mark Forster post – hopefully to apply in my life. Here is my first round of posts by Mark Forster that I think are great. Clear Goals or Goals that bring clarity? Top 10 […]

16 Reasons Why a No-List System Could be The Next Big Thing

I have been a fan of to-do lists and list making in general. From David Allen to Mark Forster, Productivity gurus glorify it’s effectiveness and ease of use. To talk about it, there are generally 3 kinds of list-making usage. Working with no list at all. Mind it most get away with not using a […]

Fate of a Task on To-do list

In one of his articles, Kevin Kruse, the NYTimes Bestselling author, writes ‘To-do list is the place where your tasks go to die.’ I’ve been continuously using a to-do list or generically a task list for my work and personal life. I found it useful and always keep coming back despite my many-a-different desperate attempts […]

3 Geared Productivity System

If you’d known me for sometimes, you know that I’ve been trying to hack my productivity. I’ve seriously contesting myself to improve upon my efficiency at work and my personal endeavors. Studying David Allen’s GTD, Mark Forster’s TM systems, Bullet Journal to the recent suggestions by Kevin Kruse’s Calendar-based system, Peter Bregman’s 18 minutes tool, […]

Mark Forster’s Final Version (FV) System – Visual Notes

Most of the productivity systems, though intended honestly, fails in execution. The system should ideally play to strength of the user and complement his/ her weakness. For me, planning was my strength, while engaging and execution was the problem. It doesn’t mean I don’t do things. But I find my resistance growing while I move […]