When Enough is Enough

I was travelling in a bus. I overheard a conversation. It was heated, yet a philosophical argument between the bus conductor and a fellow passenger. A point came when the bus conductor was replied, “Except for ‘food’ man doesn’t say enough for anything.” It made sense. I am on this quest for minimalism – an […]

Live on less and Love it!

Industry, perseverance and frugality make fortune yield” – Benjamin Franklin But how? Here are some quick tips. A. Your Possessions Take inventory of everything you own or have – at home, at work With this inventory lists, identify items you do not want; give those things away who may want it Do not use more […]

My Little Experiment in ‘Saying No!’

With enough said of non-possession, and sporadic enlightenment on the evils of wanting and consumerism, I have been trying a minimalistic approach in my life lately. I started this experiment in reducing or saying ‘no’ to things I feel over-indulgent. Some 2 months before, I got back this decluttering my wardrobe opportunity. There is an […]