Sustainable Productivity: Analogy from Energy Sector

If you’ve been reading my blog, you must now understood that I’m obsessed, or may be simply curious, about the idea of productivity. I’m inventing a concept here: Sustainable productivity – not in it’s generic definition, but particularly in the field of personal management. It is something in my mind and that is keeping coming often. […]

How Millionaire’s Schedule their Day: 1-Page Planner from Brendon Burchard

I recently learnt about this amazing 1-page Planner from Brendon Burchard. An internet celebrity, youtube coach, Brendon, as part of his mission for facilitating ‘High Performance’ also talks about productivity. You can download the 1-page template here. I tried it out. Here are the results. The Daily List (Priorities) ensures focus Categorizing work under ‘3 […]

The Gap

Smile, breath and go slowly.” – Thich Naht Hanh, Vietnamese Zen Buddhist monk I have written earlier about the idea of pause. Taking a moment to breathe, for four seconds if the least. There is increasing evidence mounting that is supporting that the breaks are indeed crucial for our productivity. May be that is the reason. […]

Force Multiplier: What is Your Highest Leverage Activity?

“Force multiplication” is a term used by the military to define technology or skill that makes a military force more effective. We use force multipliers every day, not just in the military. Any type of device that makes our work easier and effective is a force multiplier. Common examples are simple machines like wheel and […]

Productivity Dash: How to Beat Procrastination in 10 minutes?

A productivity dash is a short burst of focused activity. – short burst – 10 minutes – focused activity – any of your procrastinated task For tasks I don’t like to do, don’t want to do, I use this trick. I later learnt that this was first written about by Merlin Mann. Productivity Dash – My Version Let me tell my version of it. You set an alarm on your smart phone 10 minutes from now. You will start on your procrastinated task You will only work on this task […]