Working the List

I am currently reading the book, ‘Getting Things Done’ by David Allen, reviewing major points about it. I have read quite a lot of advices about the GTD method in various blogs/ articles/ videos. The book is giving me a more comprehensive look at it both as a system and a practice. Two points stand […]

When Enough is Enough

I was travelling in a bus. I overheard a conversation. It was heated, yet a philosophical argument between the bus conductor and a fellow passenger. A point came when the bus conductor was replied, “Except for ‘food’ man doesn’t say enough for anything.” It made sense. I am on this quest for minimalism – an […]

A Shorter To-do List

Your to-do list is a subset of your to-do list. Sounds wierd right. That’s how I felt when I read it in an interesting article by Francisco Sáez on FacileThings. But. It made sense. Too often in the fiery of things to do, we make a long list simply letting us so overwhelming that we […]

The Full Meals Prioritization System

You have been told repeatedly… Eat your frog first MIT first Do first things first I have been using Workflowy for capturing and engaging with my to-do lists (more about it later). I tagged my tasks as high, medium, low. As proclaimed by many productivity gurus the first thing I did in the morning is […]

3 Steps to Finding Your MIT

With plethora of choices available in today’s world, finding one’s life purpose, the big goals, ironically, can be the most frustrating process in one’s life. That said, translating the same to daily actions would be another pain. These days, I am using a shorter list to plan my day – some call it MIT (Most […]