Productivity Dash: How to Beat Procrastination in 10 minutes?

A productivity dash is a short burst of focused activity. – short burst – 10 minutes – focused activity – any of your procrastinated task For tasks I don’t like to do, don’t want to do, I use this trick. I later learnt that this was first written about by Merlin Mann. Productivity Dash – My Version Let me tell my version of it. You set an alarm on your smart phone 10 minutes from now. You will start on your procrastinated task You will only work on this task […]

Fate of a Task on To-do list

In one of his articles, Kevin Kruse, the NYTimes Bestselling author, writes ‘To-do list is the place where your tasks go to die.’ I’ve been continuously using a to-do list or generically a task list for my work and personal life. I found it useful and always keep coming back despite my many-a-different desperate attempts […]

A Simple and Powerful Technique For Stree-Free Productivity

The Growing Tail of To-do List To-do list has been the hallmark trick of the productivity philosophy around the globe. If you’re like me, you must be making list of things to remember and to get things done. But it’s not uncommon for you to find the list dangerously growing and you find yourself dismayed […]

3 Geared Productivity System

If you’d known me for sometimes, you know that I’ve been trying to hack my productivity. I’ve seriously contesting myself to improve upon my efficiency at work and my personal endeavors. Studying David Allen’s GTD, Mark Forster’s TM systems, Bullet Journal to the recent suggestions by Kevin Kruse’s Calendar-based system, Peter Bregman’s 18 minutes tool, […]