10 Kinds of Writing – James Greig: Visual Notes

“Writing is a chance to reverse the direction of the flow, to bring clarity to your thoughts by laying them out in some kind of logical sequence, to create output.” Thus writes James Greig. To Heal. To Ideate. To Think. Writing helped me with it. It has been my quintessential routine that kept my sanity alive. […]

Mark Forster’s Final Version (FV) System – Visual Notes

Most of the productivity systems, though intended honestly, fails in execution. The system should ideally play to strength of the user and complement his/ her weakness. For me, planning was my strength, while engaging and execution was the problem. It doesn’t mean I don’t do things. But I find my resistance growing while I move […]

Made to Stick – Teaching That Sticks: Visual Notes

“So a friend of a friend of ours, who’s a frequent business traveler, was returning recently from a meeting with clients, and he stopped into the airport bar. What happened next surprised him: An attractive woman approached him and offered to buy him a drink. He said sure. She returned with two drinks, he took a sip of […]