Reflection: The Art of Talking to The Self

“Of course, I talk to myself. Sometimes I need expert advice.” — Unknown I read the quote above somewhere and it stuck to me. Clearly one of the best people to take advice from is ourselves – which we often avoid. Most of you by now must have known I extensively use ‘Freewriting‘ as a […]

Writing Can Find You Better Jobs – And Other Benefits

I read this somewhere.   What is art? It is taking one’s deepest sorrows, the fears, frustrations and making it visible for the world to see – or bringing it alive to the world to see –   letting it manifest in the physical world. For me writing is the art. It helps me manifest […]

10 Kinds of Writing – James Greig: Visual Notes

“Writing is a chance to reverse the direction of the flow, to bring clarity to your thoughts by laying them out in some kind of logical sequence, to create output.” Thus writes James Greig. To Heal. To Ideate. To Think. Writing helped me with it. It has been my quintessential routine that kept my sanity alive. […]

What James Altucher Did To Me? 10 Reasons Why I Like Him

I have been following him for quite sometimes. His wittiness and down-to-earth style of writing – I liked it. I made a visual note of his advice (if ‘autobiography is the best advice’). Started imitating his writing style. I re-searched ‘What is it about James Altucher’s writing that makes it so divisive?‘. I didn’t find […]

3 Reasons Why I Write… And Some More

I have been writing seriously these days. More so I have been writing on writing. But there is a quite an amount of practical value in writing. Of course it is an introverted, almost unnatural and nerdy exercise – it is even slow. ‘Writing is living life twice!’ Writing-Thinking-Discovery process – a fantastic analogy for […]