3 Reasons Why I Write… And Some More

I have been writing seriously these days. More so I have been writing on writing. But there is a quite an amount of practical value in writing. Of course it is an introverted, almost unnatural and nerdy exercise – it is even slow. ‘Writing is living life twice!’

Writing-Thinking-Discovery process – a fantastic analogy for the Freewriting process that I am Exploring with Peter Elbow.

Writing as Healing

There is a stream thoughts is modern psychotherapy to use writing to heal – to heal the past, present and future. Graphic designer and writer James Greig talks about getting the gung out as a method of free your mind, of emotions, seeing the emotions write on paper relieves a lot from our head. There are even those who suggest to write a negative feeling on a piece of paper and tearing it up. I personally liked how Julian Cameroon talks of ‘morning writing’ – to use writing (especially during morning or any time of the day) to help one feel empty of feelings that may disturb us or cause anxiety. Morning Writing is a tool suggested by Julian Cameron which seems to be a fantastic way to help me develop and grow. Morning Writing routine. It is my external brain. Pour whatever you have on to this. Let me see how to deal with Vish – he is the easiest you know, so relax. Let life unfold itself to its beauty. the art of writing and finding yourself; leverage more such learning from their active free writing exercise that could help us gain deeper insight on what could be done.

Writing as Thinking

“Writing for me is thinking through my fingers.”

– Issac Asimov

It is interesting that this idea of using writing as thinking has actually been so popularized. It has been only the tool of an elite set of people. Even while Intel founder talks about writing as a reflection on clarity of thinking and Jeff Bezos talk about using ‘writing it down’ – the famous 6 page narrative memo as key for writing. This has actually not been widely used or popular. Reflecting upon my own work, I don’t seem to extend the process of using writing in my wider professional application, though I use it extensively in my personal reflection. I hope that this will help people to actually see the potential use of writing as thinking. In business project management, there is the concept of putting everything on table. That is this one idea. Writing it out or doing a brain dump is about using writing as thinking. Similar to this there is this idea of brain writing – to use team group thinking. It is used as an introvert’s escapade or counter-argument to ‘brainstorming’. That is when brain writing is also then I should be done. Pouring out everything from my mind onto the paper, onto the laptop for thinking. I think this free writing us going to help me in a big way. Hope I will be able to harness this. I kindly request people to use writing as a thinking tool. Try freewriting and let your thoughts out. It could be a good way. How is it helping me? It is helping me by being genuine with myself. Sometimes I talk to myself that is how I get best of my advises from.

Learning to view writing as “thinking on paper”, to use a phrase coined by philosopher V.A. Howard,  philosopher V.A. Howard – he argues, we should emphasize that “the primary goal of writing, like reading, is to understand and then make that understanding available to others in writing…the first use of writing is to think with-to articulate ideas” [or to make one’s meaning] through language as a learning tool and only later to “communicate them” (Howard 1990, 84). For me, writing seems to be a tool for thinking than anything else. For me that is more valuable than anything else. A process to think – to bring clarity to derive ideas. And who can blame the most important aspect of it – learning to type.

Writing as Ideating

This is why I first started writing – to get ideas, to get inspiration to work, to somehow catch fleeting thoughts that may someday be useful. As most of us aspire, I want to get ideas that will make me super-rich or super-famous. I should definitely mention the inspiration I derived from Mark Levy and his remarkable yet easily understandable concept of ‘Accidental Genius’. I must say it was a turning point. He simply let his secret out when he talks about using ‘freewriting’ as idea generation tool. I must confess it is from then onwards that my writing kick started. 10 ideas everyday trick from James Altucher. Writing as idea machine tool – 10 ideas or 100 different ways by James Altucher and LiteMind.

Writing about where they’ve been and what they’ve done might lead you into a place you couldn’t expect. Writing could be a window for me for creativity. I should be leveraging this to generate various ideas to get me thinking and explore options.

Ideas are like rabbits. You just have a couple of them and you will make loads of them. There is substantially realm of world in our sub-conscious level we can tap into. One way of doing is accessing the brain writing process which is really helping in the entire gamut. Creativity is just a pedestal away. Let me see if i can use free-writing as a tool to write quickly successfully and do it as a meditation.

Tap into the sub-conscious realm using free writing

I think intuition is also like that writing. You write and write and write and suddenly you are producing fantastic materials that this world has ever seen.

Says Kate: “If you write everyday, every so often some inspirational things are going to show up.” As Mark says, when you write, “Don’t expect lightning bolts,” just get words down on paper. Write regularly — good, bad or otherwise — and it will start to pay off. Writing jokes like ’70 jokes a day’ – punchline for News Headlines. The story of Senfield writing a joke a day and marking a red ‘X’ on his calendar is legendary (google ‘Senfield’s Don’t Break the Chain Productivity System’).

And a Few More Reasons

Ray Bradbury says, “In quickness there is truth”

Letting writing happen

Simply start with free writing and slowly and steadily things will fall into place.

Short out bursts of writing is what I shoud aim for.

Now look at the benefits of writing I am discovering:

  • Writing as meditative tool – get you gunk out your head as said Paul Greig
  • More importantly as I am writing can – Writing can be anxiety arousal reliever. It helps channelize my creativity for better use. ‘Osho’s story of how Hitler failed as an artist’.
  • Writing as a knowledge tool or learning tool – Scott Young uses writing and paraphrasing in his own word to understand his writing.
  • Writing for Communicating. In today’s world content is currency. You can take bulk of your content
  • Writing for remembering and journaling – just like great men like Gandhi, Oscar Wilde “I need something interesting to read – so he carried his diary.”
  • Writing for Goal Achievement, Daily Affirmation, Auto-suggestion, Dyna-Psych
  • Writing for Enlightenment – accessing the sub-conscious mind

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