Travel: An Unsual Way to Learn Tolerance and Acceptance

There has been recent discussions on tolerance in India.

A friend of mine was quoting an interesting observation. If you are in Russia, you feel happy seeing a Sardarji, because he is Indian, a known animal or face. On the other hand, as a Hindu, you will realize the magnitude of discrimination when are walking on the streets of Char Minar in Hyderabad, India.

Travel can help you grow and mature.

I have commute quite frequently. No, I am not a travel buff or even enjoy traveling, but I learnt quite a bit during my visits.


You will see the real India.

As I always say India is not Delhi, not Mumbai, not even Chennai, not Kolkata, but those little other places where majority of us live. During the visits, I got to see:

  • Tobacco capital of the India – Guntur,
  • Mehendi capital of India – Pali, The Pink city (Jaipur) and The Sun city (Jodhpur) – all in Rajasthan
  • The garden cities – Bangalore and Pune
  • The fast-growing Vishakapatnam and Vijayawada
  • Remote villages of Paderu and Kuppam
  • Got to see the other side of Goa full of poverty and migration issues

I will come back to Chennai to appreciate the weather here. Yes you read that right. Appreciate, especially after the traffic in Bangalore. I learnt not to waste water after living in Chennai. I learnt the essence of green space from Bangalore and Pune. I started appreciating the rich heritage treasure from visiting Rajasthan.


I recommend travel to all of you.

You learn. It makes you humble. You are almost no one — in a foreign place. Nobody recognizes you — needs to respect you. You will be pushed and pulled around and yet let to survive. It teaches you tolerance for stupidity and acceptance of the reality.

It removes the fear of unknown. It teaches you to be very conservative your energy and spend time wisely. You will be more busy and physically strained during travel than otherwise.

I believe that struggle is always good. Because you want to see and visit places in the limited time available You don’t want to miss anything after all. You will learn to be resourceful. You will test your threshold level. Yes, you will learn to hold your pee until you can. You will be exposed to the after affects of pollution. You will finally see what plastic and pollution has done to our world.

You will finally learn to appreciate warmth of home and family.


I recommend you to travel.

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